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You may relate to this Q & A between me and my father before joining any course. Well, this was for DDIP. It was not so easy to convince my father of the course, but in the end, I did it, and now capable to review this unique Internship program.
You may refer to this conversation if you need it somewhere.

And that’s how after a lengthy discussion, I jumped into the world of DD’s Internship Program. Initially, even I was not sure how and where this journey would sail me through. Digital Marketing was not unknown to me; I even have created three websites of different genres while passing my time during the lockdown and have done few Facebook ads.

Being a content writer almost for five years, I always knew how important it is to reach the right audience. I have had social media accounts on nearly all platforms, but none were helpful to me.

My friends used to take my suggestions for their content or promotions; they pushed me to do something in this field. Even I was keen towards learning this vast topic closely, but.

This but was my biggest weakness. I was always unsure about myself and my goals. And I think this behaviour of mine was acceptable by everyone (including me) as I had started my career after a gap of 12 years.

With two daughters and a broken marriage, I was all set to learn again. And I started my career as a school teacher in one of the prestigious schools in my city. I was satisfied that everyone was happy for a new beginning, but it wasn’t the best of me, and I knew that.

During a lockdown, when things are getting harder on everyone emotionally, financially, physically, it affected me as well. I thought to start my open blogging platform, for which I have approached few website designers.

Everyone was quoted the amount more than my pocket, but as I had made up my mind to work on this project, I have decided to start work on it myself, and the journey began by creating my open blogging platform. To start with that, it was necessary to learn.

And, there is no better way to learn things by doing it. I created one personal blog, then an open blogging platform, and after some time during festivals, I tried my hands on an e-commerce site, which was purely to help underprivileged roadside vendors.

This learning journey sped up when I joined DDIP. A unique internship program that lets you earn while learning. Through this journey, I have learned to overcome my weaknesses and reach the right audience/clients.

DDIP lets you become a T-Shaped Digital Marketer. In this Internship program, you will learn each aspect of DM like, Marketing Fundamentals/Social Media Marketing, Niche Selection, Content, Marketing, Website Designing, Creating Facebook and Google Ads, SEO/SEM, Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

How does it work?

DDIP is divided into 12 +4 weeks lessons.

Every week DD and his team release one video lesson, where DD teaches you a new aspect of Digital Marketing and gives you the assignment to complete.

These assignments are based on live projects where you start with writing a blog, selecting a niche, creating a website, pitching clients, generating leads for your business, and the list goes on.

There are 12 Primary assignments and four bonus assignments. To move further in an internship, you have to finish a task and submit the same.

Of course, one can skip and move ahead in the internship, but what’s the point then? As each lesson that used to be released every week is connected to the previous one.

What makes you move on?

DDIP is a unique kind of Internship Program that lets you earn more than you have spent in it.

In DDIP, you can earn every week with the completion of each assignment. The total fees you have paid to be a part of DDIP are divided into 12 +4 weeks.

You start earning your money back with the completed assignment every week. Missing an appointment is equal to losing your money.

Borrowing money from your parent and losing that was not a cup of my tea. Hence, I ensured finishing each assignment.

And trust me working on live projects made me reach the potential market.

What are the extra benefits?

Every DDIP intern gets a super bonus over the video lesson, and that is a chance to be in a one-to-one conversation with DD.

Being a fortunate intern, I have got the chance to talk to DD thrice. And each time, he made me learn a few new approaches to dealing with the opportunities that came on my way.

Weekly mastermind calls with interns are among the best things you will find after joining this Internship Program.

A healthy learning environment, excellent Mentors, helping co-interns, and Deepak’s guidance are what you can never compromise to kick start your career.

Who can Join DDIP?

An Entrepreneur, Blogger, Student, the course is open for all. Everyone who wants to learn and wants to boost up their skills can join this course.

There is no age limit to join the course. There was a girl of 12 years age in my batch, and then there is a gentleman of 68 years age as well. Both have been the inspiration for the whole batch 10.

What do you need to join?

A laptop, Stable Internet Connection, and a zeal to conquer the market with your passion and intelligence.

Rest DD and his team assure to keep motivated through their emails and regular one-to-one conversations.

I don’t find a single reason to say NO to this unique internship program. As long as you do not want to quit, no one can stop you from reaching the sky.

In my journey with DDIP, I have learned to keep moving on and giving my best shot. Rest will automatically come on my way.

I want to say a big thank you to Deepak and his team for creating such a helpful Internship Program that made me understand my worth.

Now I am working as a successful freelance WordPress designer and a content writer and do not want to leave any stone unturned in my path to success.

If you think that you have the zeal to achieve your dreams then click the link and apply for the upcoming batch.

PS – I returned my father’s money during the 8th week of my internship. To learn more about my work, you may click on RejoyceDigital.

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